County promotes online permitting site for residents in remote areas

VENTURA, Calif. – The Resource Management Agency is working to ensure that residents in Lockwood Valley, Frazier Park and other remote areas of the county know they can use online resources to expedite the permitting process.

Ventura County Citizen Access provides real-time, direct online access to permit information 24 hours a day, including weekends. The permitting processes for the Resource Management Agency, Public Works Agency and the Fire Protection District are all integrated into the system to provide more timely and accurate data, and to respond to public inquiries for information.

“Anyone can use the system, but it really benefits people who have long drives to the County Government Center or one of our counters,” said RMA Director Chris Stephens. “The more people can do online, and the fewer drives they have to make to one of our offices, the faster the process is for everyone.”

Citizen Access allows individuals, contractors and businesses to look up and pay for permits, run reports such as the Planning Division’s issued zoning clearance or Environmental Health’s backflow tests, and apply online for a film permit. Currently, the Resource Management Agency is developing more online applications and it plans to deploy a process where users can schedule building inspections online.

The Building & Safety Division recently hosted an event in Lockwood Valley where the public learned about the various forms and permits that are required by the County and about how much of the process can be accomplished online.

“We had a great turnout at the event,” said Supervising Building Inspector Matt Wyatt. “I think people were surprised to find out how hard the County is working to make the permitting process more user-friendly. There was a very positive response.”

Staff from Building & Safety, Planning, Environmental Health, Code Compliance and Public Works were on hand to answer questions and provide information. Many of the questions were about the permitting of new single-family residences or adding on to existing dwellings. Many of the concerns expressed in the questions are addressed by Citizen Access.

For more information, or to register for a Citizen Access account, simply go to The site contains locations, resources and help features, along with the sign-in page.

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