Ventura County News Channel, CAPS Media video wins western states award

VENTURA, Calif. – The Ventura County News Channel and its production partner, CAPS Media, have won the 2015 WAVE Award for the “First Responders Without Sirens” episode of its Featuring Ventura County video series.

The award is presented by the Western States Region of the Alliance for Community Media. WAVE is an acronym for Western Access Video Excellence and the video was selected from entries submitted from the western states of California, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico and Arizona. The video won in the category: Informational Culture – Professional.

The Featuring Ventura County video series runs on the Ventura County News Channel website (, airs on the CAPS Media Channel 15 in Ventura, and is streamed on the CAPS Media website (

“’First Responders Without Sirens’ shows the role our Public Works Agency plays during emergencies and disasters,” said County Public Information Officer Bill Nash. “Our fire department and Sheriff personnel do amazing work, but they don’t clear roads, repair bridges or maintain water delivery systems. Those critical tasks during an emergency fall to our Public Works employees.”

The Alliance for Community Media is a national network of affiliate TV, radio stations and Public Access advocates whose mission is to promote greater civic engagement through Community Media. The ACM West region represents hundreds of local affiliate stations from six western states.

“The Featuring Ventura County series gives the public an informative, entertaining and engaging behind-the-scenes window into the inner workings of the dedicated employees and complex government services in Ventura County,” said Patrick Davidson, Executive Director of CAPS Media.

The Ventura County News Channel is a County website that highlights county government news. Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura (CAPS) is a private, non-profit media center that manages the public, educational, and government access television channels in Ventura.

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