County Fleet Services Department recognized by Board of Supervisors for excellence and efficiency

VENTURA, Calif. – The Board of Supervisors presented a resolution to the General Services Agency Fleet Services Department in recognition of the department’s award-winning operations, sustainability efforts and cost-savings.

In April, the Fleet was named to the top spot of the National Association of Fleet Administrators 100 Best Fleet Awards. They claimed the number one position over 38,000 public fleets in North America and thousands more in South America. They have also been named as a Top 50 Leading Fleet by the American Public Works Association and Government Fleet Magazine.

“Awards like these aren’t won by just one person,” said Fleet Services Manager Peter Bednar. “They’re won by an entire team of individuals working together to achieve great things. Our goals are sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness and meeting those goals means taxpayers are getting the full benefit of their fleet dollars.”

The Fleet Department isn’t just returning the investment on those dollars, it’s saving them as well. The department’s sustainability and efficiency efforts have resulted in one-time savings of $345,000, recurring annual savings of $218,000 and they expect to save almost $1 million in fuel costs over the next five years by increasing the number of alternative fuel vehicles in the fleet, downsizing vehicle engine sizes and improving driver habits.

“Since 2008, our fleet staff has been reduced by 29 percent, but the number of vehicles they are responsible for has increased by 23 percent,” said GSA Director David Sasek. “To be nationally recognized for their excellence under those circumstances demonstrates the dedication of our staff and their commitment to improving efficiency.”

While the County has owned and operated hybrid vehicles for many years, it has recently begun to add electric vehicles to the fleet. Two of the models – the Ford Focus Electric and the Chevrolet Volt – will be on display in front of the Hall of Administration at the Government Center during the week of July 18.

The Focus has an EPA-estimated rating of 110 miles in city driving and 99 on the highway. The Volt comes in with an EPA-estimated rating of 53 all-electric miles and an extra 367 miles from its small gas-powered engine that charges the battery for extended ranges.

“The men and women of the Fleet Department are some of the County’s unsung heroes,” said Sasek. “They are responsible for the asset management, purchase, component installation, repair and maintenance of more than 1,790 vehicles and pieces of equipment. They do all of this behind the scenes, away from the public eye, so this kind of recognition for their efforts is especially appreciated.”

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