Probation Services Week recognized by Board of Supervisors

VENTURA, Calif. – The week of July 17-23, 2016 is Probation Services Week. It reflects the significant accomplishments and work that Probation professionals do in the community. Ventura County Deputy Probation Officers and Corrections Services Officers supervise adult and juvenile offenders in the community and in custody programs, working day and night to ensure a safe community and to provide offenders with the opportunity to become law-abiding citizens.

The Probation Department strives for an approach that protects the safety of the community by balancing rehabilitative services to the offenders using evidence-based programs, with accountability to the court, restitution to the victim, and reparations to the community.

In Ventura County, juvenile Probation Officers and Corrections Services Officers handle more than 3,500 out-of-custody citations a year, supervise 850 juveniles in the community on a monthly basis, and tend to the needs of approximately 100 juveniles in County institutions. Corrections Services Officers provide 24-hour supervision to juvenile offenders in County facilities, providing a variety of activities and evidence-based programming. They collaborate with community-based organizations and volunteers to bring specific programs to the youth, as well as assisting adult offenders on supervised work crews as they complete community projects.

The department’s adult Probation Officers supervise nearly 9,000 adult offenders, many for serious and violent offenses, in addition to managing adult-post-sentence jail alternative programs, thereby easing the crowded jail system while maintaining community safety. Deputy Probation Officers provide direct services to the Ventura County Superior Court, this year providing approximately 2,900 juvenile and adult dispositional reports and nearly 400 additional Court actions.

Additionally, officers assist offender reintegration into the community through employment, education, job readiness, and substance abuse treatment programs, in most cases using treatment providers already in the community, as well as day and evening reporting centers. They work diligently using evidence-based practices to oversee the rehabilitation of offenders, conduct probation home visits, supervise resistant offenders, administer drug and alcohol testing, arrest offenders in violation of their probation terms, monitor compliance through GPS/electronic monitoring surveillance of higher-risk offenders, and are ready at all times in the event of a natural disaster to assist as relief workers.

“The men and women of the Ventura County Probation Agency proudly serve their fellow citizens,” said Chief Probation Officer Mark Varela. “They are professional, dedicated, hard-working individuals, and are truly concerned about making a difference in our community. Please join together with us during Probation Services Week to honor those who work to make Ventura County a safer place to live.”

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