VC Probation Agency Opens Adult Reporting and Resource Center

VENTURA, Calif. – The Ventura County Probation Agency opened an innovative Adult Reporting and Resource Center on August 1, located in Ventura at 4601 Telephone Road, Suite 102. The reporting center is designed to reduce recidivism and support successful reintegration to the community.

The daytime reporting center replaces the County’s work furlough program that operated out of a minimum security jail facility in Camarillo. The facility was designed to house more than 200 inmates who were making the transition from custody to civilian life. But sentencing changes reduced that population to less than 80 inmates.

The new center brings all of the Probation Agency’s resources under one roof, giving them a cost-effective system to monitor probationers and provide them with the resources they need to stay out of jail.

The center will be operated by GEO Reentry Services and will help reduce local jail crowding and provide treatment and training for adult probationers. Up to 75 adult probationers can be enrolled in the Adult Reporting and Resource Center at one time, which will relieve pressure on the county jail. Probationers referred to the Adult Reporting and Resource Center will go through a multiple-phase program that includes regular reporting to the center and intensive treatment and training. Offenders will also participate in classes geared to change criminal behavior.

“Ventura County’s Adult Reporting and Resource Center will utilize evidence-based treatment and training to help participants succeed,” said Sara Woehler, an Area Manager for GEO Reentry. “This center will be an alternative to high-cost incarceration, and by determining the roots of the participants’ criminal behaviors, we can provide tailored treatment and training to reduce criminal risk.”

Depending on their compliance to program rules and success in completing treatment phases, program participants will complete between 180 days and one year. Those who successfully complete the program will periodically return for aftercare services.

Photo: Supervisor John Zaragoza (far left) and Chief Probation Officer Mark Varela prepare for the ribbon-cutting at the new Adult Reporting and Resource Center.

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