Sheriff’s Office deploys body-worn cameras

VENTURA, Calif. – The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has announced the purchase, acquisition and deployment of body-worn cameras in all Sheriff jurisdictions, including the contract cities of Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks and Ojai.

The Sheriff’s Office began researching body-worn camera and storage systems in June 2014. It was a lengthy process, however. Body cameras and data storage are costly and the department wanted to invest in the most cost-effective option available that would provide the best quality product and meet the agency’s needs for data storage.

During the month of July 2016, the Sheriff’s Office began training deputies on the use of the Axon Body – Body-Worn Camera manufactured by TASER International. On August 1, 2016, deputies were authorized to begin wearing the cameras while on patrol. The Sheriff’s Office will issue body-worn cameras to all personnel working in patrol-related assignments, including traffic enforcement and school resource officers.

“We live in a world of digital media, and cameras have become commonplace,” said Sheriff Geoff Dean. “With the deployment of body-worn camera technology in the communities we serve, the Sheriff’s Office looks forward to maintaining an atmosphere of transparency and trust. While the cameras provide an enhanced means of evidence collection, they also provide increased accountability on both sides of the badge.”

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