Behavioral Health launches mental health outreach program to Latino community

OXNARD, Calif. – The Ventura County Behavioral Health department has launched a new outreach program designed to help the Latino community understand the importance of mental and emotional health, and to help people needing assistance gain access to the services the County has available for them.

The program is called “Logrando Bienestar” – Achieving Well-Being. It is a multifaceted program that will educate the community on the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, provide information on available services and advocate for individuals and families who need help accessing services.

“Logrando Bienestar is the gateway to enhancing the overall health of the Latino community,” said County Executive Officer Mike Powers. “This program can introduce people to all of the other health services we have to offer them.”

The main goal of the program is to increase the number of Latinos who seek out and receive mental health services.

“We’re working to close the gap,” said program manager Henry Villanueva. “We’ll be working in non-traditional areas, seeking out members of the Latino community who need our help. We’ll be there during lunch breaks in the fields, at packing houses, labor camps, schools, shelters and clubs organized through the Mexican Consulate to assist people in finding the services they need.”

Logrando Bienestar is staffed by five full-time employees, four of whom are directly involved in outreach. The program’s offices are located in the Behavioral Health building at 1911 Williams Drive in Oxnard.

“We want the Latino community to know that mental health treatment is a good thing,” said Elaine Crandall, Director of Behavioral Health. “Logrando Bienestar will guide families through the process and then hold their hands afterward. We want to find people the help they need to continue being productive parents, siblings, children, friends or spouses.”

To learn more, email the program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (805) 973-5220.

Photo: Mike Powers, Elaine Crandall and Henry Villanueva

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