Horizon View Mental Health Rehabilitation Center ready to receive clients

CAMARILLO, Calif. – A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on November 17 to open the Horizon View Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. The center is located at the Camarillo Airport and is expected to receive its first clients on December 13. Horizon View is intended to replace the Behavioral Health Department’s 30-year reliance on out-of-county placements.
Services at the level of the mental health rehabilitation center are reserved for less than one percent of Behavioral Health’s clients. In fact, locked psychiatric placement is the last resort for its client-centered approach to recovery and it always follows clear and convincing evidence of the need. Clients have an obvious pattern of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, and often, many emergency room visits, medical hospitalizations and even incarcerations.

“Our goal is to promote hope, health and resiliency,” said Elaine Crandall, Director of the Behavioral Health Department. “We have found that 85 percent of those receiving locked psychiatric treatment were ultimately able to be moved to lower levels of care.”

Clinical services in the 15,000 square foot facility will be provided by the Telecare Corporation. Telecare is currently operating six other mental health rehabilitation centers in California.

Horizon View has 16 individual, locked client rooms, each with its own half-bath. The average length of stay at the facility is expected to be 18 months.

Horizon View was designed and constructed under the supervision of the Ventura County Public Works Agency and the Behavioral Health Department. It is now one of 20 mental health rehabilitation centers in California. When fully complete, it will have cost about $9.4 million in construction, furniture and equipment expenditures.

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