Bicycle repair stands installed across county

VENTURA, Calif. – The Ventura County Fire Department, in cooperation with the Giant Bicycle Company of Newbury Park, has installed seven bicycle repair stands at locations across the county. A total of 16 are planned.

Each bicycle repair stand features an air pump, tools and mounts so riders can securely hang their bike and make adjustments or repairs. The stands will be installed in neighborhoods and along busy bike paths. Most will be located at County fire stations.

The first stands were installed at Station 33 (Lake Sherwood), Station 56 (Malibu), Station 21 (Ojai), Station 25 (Rincon), Station 42 (Moorpark), Station 53 (Port Hueneme) and at the Ventura County Government Center in Ventura. The repair stand at the Government Center is located at the end of the pedestrian sidewalk between Parking Lots E and F.

The repair stands were suggested by Fire Captain Jack Nosco and he led the effort to have them installed. The air pump and tools on the stands are designed to work for all types of bikes, so any rider can use them.

Ventura County is a well-known destination for cyclists, and many of its communities feature bike-friendly paths and roadways. The bicycle repair stands are intended to promote healthy activities in neighborhoods and prevent cyclists from becoming stranded.

The first stand was unveiled at the Lake Sherwood fire station on May 15, and more than 100 cyclists took a 10-mile recreational ride to the station to celebrate the occasion.

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