Pediatric Urology Services Available in Ventura County

OXNARD, Calif. – The Ventura County Health Care Agency has announced that Pediatric Urology outpatient and inpatient services will now be provided in Ventura County by Anacapa Urology. The services will take place 2 ½ days per month out of the Mandalay Bay Women and Children’s Clinic, 2000 Outlet Center Drive, Suite 110, in Oxnard.

Dr. Paul Silverman, a urologist with the Health Care Agency out of Anacapa Surgical Associates, will be overseeing the program.

“I am proud that we’re going to be offering this much-needed service here in Ventura County,” said Silverman. “Parents with children needing these services no longer have to drive out of the county to receive care.”

Pediatric urologists are surgeons who can diagnose, treat, and manage children’s urinary and genital problems. Pediatric urologists generally provide the following services:

• Evaluation and management of voiding disorders, vesicoureteral reflux, and urinary tract infections that require surgery.
• Surgical reconstruction of the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, and bladder) including genital abnormalities, hypospadias, and other penile problems.
• Surgery for groin conditions in childhood and adolescence (undescended testes, hydrocele/hernia, varicocele).
• Evaluation and surgical management of kidney stone disease.
• Surgical management of tumors and malignancies of the kidney, bladder, and testis.
• Evaluation and management of urological tract problems identified before birth.
• Evaluation and management of urinary tract problems associated with neurological conditions such as spina bifida.

These services became available July 6, 2017. For more information please contact Anacapa Surgical Associates at 805-652-6210, or call directly to Mandalay Bay Women and Children’s Clinic at 805-604-4588.

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