Human Services Agency Launches Data Dashboard

VENTURA, Calif. – The Ventura County Human Services Agency has launched a new Data Dashboard to ensure open access to key data trends and accountability measures.

The Dashboard provides information about several programs administered by the Human Services Agency including: Medi-Cal (health insurance); CalFresh (food assistance); CalWORKs (basic needs and employment assistance for families with children); and General Relief (basic needs and other assistance for adults with no dependent children).

The Dashboard offers 24/7 access to key facts and figures about the Agency’s service populations over time, application trends, average benefit levels and results. Data is presented visually through a dynamic tool that allows users to select information for specific programs, date ranges and geographic areas of primary interest.

In light of the Human Services Agency’s role in serving more than one in four community members in partnership with other government agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector businesses, the Agency anticipates that the Dashboard will facilitate better information sharing and collaboration.

“The Dashboard allows providers and members of the public to analyze HSA data on demand and ask questions about how we can work better together to meet community needs,” said Barry Zimmerman, Director of the Human Services Agency. “Tools like the Dashboard encourage greater transparency and accountability, which are important components of good government.”

Future enhancements to HSA’s Data Dashboard include the addition of information regarding child welfare and adult services, the incorporation of contextual data such as employment and education trends, and the presentation of stories highlighting client experiences.

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