County signs Intergovernmental Support Agreement with U.S. Navy

VENTURA, Calif. – After years of negotiation and hard work on both sides, the County of Ventura and the United States Navy have signed an Intergovernmental Support Agreement for large vehicle maintenance and repair to be provided by the County of Ventura General Services Agency Fleet Services.

This agreement allows the U.S. Navy to send heavy equipment and fire trucks to the main GSA Fleet Services facility in Saticoy, California, which is much closer to Navy Base Ventura County in Port Hueneme than vendors previously utilized for vehicle repairs prior to the signing of the IGSA. By implementing the IGSA, the U.S. Navy will experience a cost and time savings in repairing their equipment locally.

GSA Fleet Services was named to the top spot of the National Association of Fleet Administrators 100 Best Fleet Awards, claiming the number one position over 38,000 public fleets in North and South America in 2016. They have also been named as a top 50 Leading Fleet by the American Public Works Association and Government Fleet magazine and have received the National Association of Fleet Administrators’ Sustainability Award. GSA Fleet Services prides itself on the professionalism and training of their staff, earning the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence nine consecutive years. Having an experienced and award-winning Fleet operation close to NBVC is an opportunity recognized by both sides.

“This is an exciting partnership for both the US. Navy and the County of Ventura,” said Christopher Melton, Deputy Director–Fleet Services. “The Navy will have their vehicles repaired locally by our expert technicians at a cost-effective rate, while GSA will increase facility utilization and reduce the Navy’s cycle time for vehicle repairs at the same time. This means that their vehicle fleet will be more ready and better able to respond in the event of an emergency, which is a shared goal. Our Fleet technicians are very excited about this agreement and the opportunity it represents.”

Photo: Federico Ramos troubleshoots a wiring issue on a U.S. Navy fire engine from NBVC.

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