Public Works Agency

VENTURA, Calif. – The Ventura County Public Works Agency has launched VCPWA Connect!. The app is a mobile device and web-based system that streamlines how community members can report issues such as potholes, illegal dumping, graffiti, gutter repair, downed road signs, sewage spills and other matters within the unincorporated areas of the county. The app also helps to ensure timely responses to the reports.

VCPWA Connect! will also allow residents to simply submit a question or comment to any of the agency’s five departments: Central Services, Engineering Services, Transportation, Water & Sanitation and the Watershed Protection District.

Using VCPWA Connect!, community members can easily submit multiple service requests and concerns from the unincorporated areas throughout Ventura County. Once logged onto the app, a map is displayed to show the areas the Public Works Agency serves. This will also help the agency to track the needs of citizens and problem areas that need to be addressed.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the process of addressing the ongoing needs that come up within our community,” said Public Works Director Jeff Pratt. “VCPWA Connect! is a great tool to have at our disposal and our community can easily access it either through our website or through their mobile devices.”

The new app interfaces with the website by clearly displaying a map of the unincorporated areas and showing the steps for how to enter any concern or issue. Once an issue has been reported in VCPWA Connect!, it will route the request, concern or comment to the proper department and will track the progress or resolution of the reported issue. It will also send an email to the person who is making the report so they are notified of the solution in a timely manner.

VCPWA Connect! is a demonstration of the agency’s commitment to improving to their existing customer service system. The new app delivers ease of reporting with improved information sharing and communication between the Public Works Agency and community members.

For more information on or to download the VCPWA Connect! app, visit:


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