Board of Supervisors approve extension of contract for County Executive Officer

On Tuesday, December 17, the County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to extend the contract for County Executive Officer, Mike Powers, through December 2024. Each of the five Board members commented on the excellent work of Powers, citing his leadership through some of the most difficult and challenging times for the County with the disasters that have occurred.

“On behalf of the whole board, you are doing some really good things for the public of Ventura County. We really appreciate that.” Announced Board Chair Steve Bennett as the Board expressed their full support for the job that Powers is doing.

The Board conducted a performance review of Powers in closed session during the December 17 meeting prior to making their announcement. Powers was first appointed to the position in December 2010 and this is the third renewal of his contract with the County. The renewed contract includes performance reviews each year and increases tied to the benefits approved by the Board for unrepresented management employees of the County.

“I truly appreciate the support of the Board and feel that we are headed in a good direction because of our whole leadership team and workforce. I couldn’t do my job without this support.” Said Powers, “There is a lot ahead of us, but the work across our 25 agencies and departments will allow the County of Ventura to achieve the goals that have been set by your Board and to continuously improve as we look ahead to the future.”

Power’s salary for the current fiscal year is $292,336. The contract extension is based on the Board’s performance assessment rating of Powers as exceptional over the past 9 years.

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