Donlon Road construction

For years, the area has been plagued by traffic backups because Donlon Road comes into Highway118 about 200 feet east of its intersection with Route 34 (Somis Road). The close spacing of these intersections made turns difficult, resulting in congestion and accidents.

By moving Donlon Road to align with the intersection of Routes 118 and 34, a standard four-way intersection will be created and turns to and from Donlon Road will be controlled by the signal currently at the intersection. This will greatly improve safety. Old Donlon Road will be blocked off and will no longer intersect Route 118.

The new Donlon Road will traverse an existing nursery and cross over Coyote Canyon Creek where it will join the original Donlon Road.

“We expect these safety improvements will bring relief to the thousands of motorists who frequently drive this roadway,” said David Fleisch, Director of Transportation for the Public Works Agency. “The public has been looking forward to these road enhancements for quite some time.”

During construction, work along Route 118 will occur at night (9:00 p.m. - 5:00 a.m.) to minimize disruption to traffic.

On Route 118, the left turn lanes in each direction at the existing intersection are far too short to store turning vehicles. Therefore, the overflow spills into the through lanes in each direction, blocking traffic. This causes congestion at the intersection, particularly at rush hour, which sometimes backs up for two miles in each direction.

The intersection currently operates at a Level of Service: F (gridlock, forced flow). When the project is completed, the level of service will improve to C, which is efficient with minimal delays. This is the result of the realignment of Donlon Road and the construction of longer left turn lanes in each direction which will take turning vehicles out of the through lanes.

In addition, several important features will be added to further improve safety at the intersection. Eight-foot shoulders will be added on the sides of Route 118 at and the existing traffic signal will be replaced to control the new turning movements at the intersection.

The project is scheduled for completion in January 2016.

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