County to receive statewide Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace Award

Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Kathy Long, and County Work/Life Program Manager Patty Zoll will accept the award at a ceremony on the west steps of the State Capitol on May 7, 2015.

"A breastfeeding-friendly workplace is improved when you equip co-workers and managers with the understanding of how to support another employee's choice to breastfeed," said Long. "Our priority is to sustain a culture that enables mothers to not have to choose between breastfeeding and their career."

The County's efforts began in 2012 when a lactation accommodation policy was developed to meet State requirements. Recently, Supervisor Long championed an effort to create a more comprehensive policy to strengthen the County's leadership as a breastfeeding-friendly workplace. The updated policy, supported by the entire Board of Supervisors, became effective in early 2015.

"We recognize the important role breastfeeding plays in keeping babies and mothers healthy," said Zoll. "So not only do we provide facilities and break time for nursing
mothers, we now provide training for all of the County's 8,500 employees on the importance of the updated lactation accommodation policy."

The County's Lactation Accommodation Policy creates an atmosphere of acceptance for breastfeeding women in the workplace and that helps to reduce employee absenteeism and turnover, faster return from maternity leave and a reduction in overtime and temporary worker costs.

The Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace Award is given annually and this year will be presented by California State Senator, Dr. Richard Pan. Six other employers from around the state will also be recognized by the California Breastfeeding Coalition.


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