Startup Weekend

VENTURA, Calif. – Ventura County was settled by people who charted new territory and their spirit lives on in today's entrepreneurs. The County of Ventura is working with the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce and businesses and organizations from across the county at the Startup Weekend to give agricultural and health care entrepreneurs what they need to start businesses here.

Startup Weekend Ventura County will focus on how people starting their business can use technology to create new opportunities in agriculture and health care. Using the Internet of Things, entrepreneurs can take their industry knowledge and work with technology experts to solve problems within their industries that are limiting success.

"The County is currently working on proof of concept projects using the Internet of Things to increase service and efficiency, so we're believers," said County Executive Officer Michael Powers. "Our county is known for agriculture and high-quality health care and we see the Startup Weekend as a natural extension of what we are trying to accomplish in County government. This effort will help to establish a collaborative relationship between the private and public sectors, and that can only be good for Ventura County."

The Startup Weekend will run from March 11-13, 2016 at Rancho Campana High School in Camarillo. Participants will learn how to startup their own company as they work directly with mentors, investors and sponsors. A panel of nine executives from the health care, agriculture, technology and private and public sectors – including Mr. Powers – will award two $10,000 awards to the best Internet of Things startup concepts, one each from health care and agriculture.

"Innovation is the future of Ventura County," said Powers. "We're looking for people who passionately believe they can make a difference through technology – agriculturists, physicians, health care professionals, engineers and system analysts – people with an idea that just need an opportunity to make it a reality."

Startup Weekend is an organization that has reached more than 200,000 entrepreneurs in 135 countries. Ultimately, Startup Weekend Ventura County intends to create high-paying jobs by supporting the launch of scalable, technology-driven businesses.

"We intend to better organize the people who can help entrepreneurs succeed," said Martin Shum. Shum represents St. John's Hospital on the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. "We need to give entrepreneurs access to domain experts, potential corporate partners and seed money. Startup Weekend is the beginning of that process."

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