VENTURA, Calif. – More than 900 volunteers per day are needed to meet the patient demand at a free dental clinic supported by the County of Ventura and other community partners. Known as "CDA Cares," the clinic is sponsored by the California Dental Association and will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 16-17, at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Good oral health and access to quality dental care sustains healthy communities and prevents dental emergencies, but as of now, the CDA Cares Ventura event has only 200 dental professionals and 400 volunteers registered to help. Many more are needed.

CDA Cares allows volunteer dentists, with the assistance of other dental and health professionals and community volunteers, to provide dental services at no charge. The goal of CDA Cares is to relieve pain and eliminate infection by providing cleanings, fillings, extractions and oral health education to 2,000 residents during this two-day event. Since 2012, with the help of nearly 13,000 volunteers, CDA Cares has provided $13.6 million in care to over 16,000 people.

"Ventura County residents have a unique opportunity this April to donate their time and talents to help our community," said County Supervisor Kathy Long. "An outpouring of community support will help restore dignity by creating more smiles."

CDA Cares Ventura needs volunteer dentists, including oral surgeons, as well as dental hygienists, assistants, dental lab technicians, physicians, nurses and pharmacists. Additionally, community volunteers are needed to help escort patients, translate/interpret, dispense medication, set up and tear down the clinic, register patients and volunteers, conduct exit interviews, enter data and provide oral health education.

Those residents seeking services on April 16-17 will be seen on a first come, first served basis. Doors open at 5:30 a.m. Identification, proof of income or residence is not required. The services offered are limited to: cleanings, fillings, extractions, some partials to replace front teeth, some root canals and dentures, oral health education and assistance in identifying a source of continued dental care. Uncontrolled blood pressure or diabetes may prevent those seeking services from receiving dental care at the event, and people are encouraged to take their prescribed medications as directed.

For more information or to register to volunteer for CDA Cares, visit

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